Our Da Vinci Awards 

Island Project

In Year 7 Global Citizenship, this semester, we are exploring what makes a good citizen.

We have begun ‘The Island Project’ where students have to create a new society, exploring the importance of rules and laws etc…

Their first task was to create an island design, justifying their choices for each decision on the island. They then peer marked their first drafts, before completing their final drafts. Some students took the task in a completely unexpected direction and created 3D models of their island.  Students explained that they believed it was easier for them to explain their thought process if they had a model to refer to.  It also helped them to fully understand the learning of the unit.  This depth of understanding, creativity and self direction went well beyond what we were expecting from the students at this stage.  An outstanding start to your learning journey at Mounts Bay Academy.

Well done to Olivia Cockle, Isla McLeod, Chloe Underwood, Georgie Matthews, Raphael Hewett, Logan Round and Brooklyn Northcoat all from 7 Purple.

Report by Miss Westren