International Award

We are please to have been awarded the International School Award by the British Council for the next 3 years.

The accreditation letter is particularly effusive in its comments so we have reprinted below.

Dear International Co-ordinator,

Thank you for submitting your International School Award Reaccreditation Impact Evaluation. We are delighted to inform you that it has been approved by our assessors. Congratulations!

Your school is hereby reaccredited from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2020. To ensure that there is no gap in your accreditation, you will need to submit your next action plan for reaccreditation in just over 2 years. The actual deadline will be announced on our website nearer the time.

Here are the assessor’s comments on your Impact Evaluation, to highlight where your application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as you continue to develop the international dimension in your school:

“In its excellent Impact Evaluation, Mounts Bay Academy acknowledges that an international approach to learning is ‘crucial’ to its success, and offers high value experiences and opportunities that impact significantly on the whole establishment through the delivery of learning. There is a committed aspiration to maintain this strategy, and you present a very important source of supportive evidence corroborating this claim, when you describe in detail the different strands, strategies and inter-faculty collaborative work on the curriculum, that forms the Academy Development Plan. Actions inspired by international school partnerships also result in a high uptake in MFL. You provide relevant examples as part of your future planning to reinforce learning through MFL, such as presenting students with an opportunity to work as language assistants in a Breton Primary School. You are very pro-active in involving local and national organisations when implementing high impact awareness raising international projects. The Academy offers international experiences as a unique selling point to partners within a Teaching School alliance. Involvement with other educational agencies has also allowed you offer expertise in support of partners. Mounts Bay Academy has numerous accreditations that allows you to ‘incorporate and disseminate expertise in internationalism. ’The international dimension in education is further reinforced in the Academy being recognised as a high-status Adventure Learning School and Challenge partner school. You have successfully accessed British Council resources to implement and enrich excellent learning projects, and in an ambassadorial sense, you provide ample exemplary evidence of the Academy’s long-term commitment to support, guide and share best practice with other schools applying for the International School Award. You firmly express a strong commitment to continue providing creative and meaningful learning opportunities to students, and the very best preparation for your teachers to deliver a robust international education curriculum. The aspiration at Mounts Bay Academy to maintain a ethos at the heart of your establishment is commendable. It is a pleasure to confirm your reaccreditation for the British Council International School Award. Congratulations on consistently demonstrating good practice and delivering excellent learning experiences and opportunities for everyone at the Academy. “

Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as an International Co-ordinator! You are a credit to the school and the wider community.

We will be printing certificates of achievement. If the name of your school or your head teacher has changed since you submitted your action plan then please inform us at in the next two weeks to ensure we have the correct information for your certificate of achievement. You will soon be invited to attend an award ceremony where you will receive your certificate and will celebrate your success with other international coordinators and The British Council. If you are unable to attend, please inform us and we will post the certificate to the school.

The scheme mark, which is a key part of the Award, and press release template will be sent with a separate email.

We hope that the scope of your excellent international activities will continue to develop and benefit the school community; your support, commitment, creativity and innovative international work is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking part in the International School Award. Please convey our very best wishes and many congratulations to all staff and students both in the UK and overseas who have taken part in the scheme. Please also contact your local media to inform them about your successful international work – this is a great achievement and one that deserves celebrating and sharing widely.

We wish you the best as you continue with your international journey.

Kind regards,

The International School Award team British Council