The new Animation Club at Mounts Bay Academy got off to a flying start last Thursday when students were treated to a talk by ex student and Digital Animation graduate Darrien Gibson. The students heard how Darrien’s love of animation started when he himself was a student at Mounts Bay when he would spend lunchtimes in the Library with his friends drawing comic strips.

Darrien, who graduated from Falmouth University, has spent time living in Japan, a country whose animation he particularly enjoys. He told the students about the different types of animation and how they are made. The process of animation is complex and involves many different job roles, from story boarders and scenery painters to directors and editors.

Darrien specialises in storyboarding and comic books and showed the club some of his illustrations. He explained how inspiration can come from anywhere, at anytime. For example he got the idea for his final animation at University while packing boxes ready to move house.

Once you have an idea, a lot of decisions have to be made regarding the look of your animation. He said, “Coming up with your own style is important. Be as original as possible, have fun and use as many materials as you can. A good idea is crucial, but your animation doesn’t have to be technically perfect.”