IMYC Winter

Students inYear 7, 8 and 9 were treated to exciting presentations as the entry point to their new IMYC themes  for the Winter Semester.

The Year 7 theme is ‘structure’. Students  took part in a drum workshop run by Amanda Pickering. Amanda has been travelling to West Africa for many years, and came in to share with the students her knowledge of the structure of West African society and the drumming skills she has learnt on her travels. The rhythmic structure of the African drum beat  was quite different from the styles of western music students are used to.

“It was quite tricky but then I got the hang of it. Once I got hang of it it was quite easy to keep the rhythm going.” Amber Symons

“The drumming was amazing. It was very, very hard but very good. It gave me an insight of what it would be like in Africa. It’s a tradition they get used to. For them it’s like texting.” Georgie Schmidt 


Year 8 were treated to an inspirational talk by explorer Joe Butcher to introduce their theme of ‘curiosity’. He told students about his adventures as an explorer. The talk on Friday was to introduce students to the idea of trying your best and embracing new experiences purely for the enjoyment of learning something.He told students, “Little opportunities in life become the big things you remember.” Students will be able to interact with explorer Anthony Jinman online while he is on expedition at the South Pole.


Year 9’s theme is ‘identity’. Students were invited to come into school on Monday morning wearing an outfit that represented their identity. There were some interesting identities, including racing driver, army cadet, dancer, footballer and rugby player. Mr Raggett, dressed in his climbing gear, talked to the students about the concepts involved in identity.