Helsingor Day 4

Today we have been learning outside the classroom through a series of activities organised by our Danish hosts.

We started the day by visiting the Helsingor Kommune (Town Hall) where we were greeted by Helsingor’s first lady Mayor who gave us a very interesting talk on how the town has been run over the centuries and how the current council is made up.

Next we tested our communication skills by visiting a currency exchange before boarding the ferry for the 20 minute crossing to Helsingborg, Sweden. Our first port of call was a magnificent “candy store” which sold every kind of delicious treat imaginable and gave us a great opportunity to practice our numeracy skills in another country.

We then took a walk to the highest point in town, Helsinborg Castle. The cold weather had enabled much of last weeks snow to remain and for some of us the temptation to have a snowball fight was just too great!

Then it was off to test to see if the team building events we have been taking part in had really forged our teams together by visiting a Laserdome. The students were divided into their normal teams and it was amazing to watch how quickly they developed a suitable communication system to ensure that they were able to have some extremely close battles.

Finally many weary but happy legs walked back to the ferry terminal and we returned to Helsingor just in time for tea.

To see some highlights of our day, look on the TV pages of our website.