Governing Bodyshare


Mrs Sarah Alexander
Mrs Nicola Walters
Mr Michael Payne
Mr Nigel Walker
Mr John Rodgers
Mrs Jane Osborne
Mr Les Hall

Chair:          Mrs Marissa Boulter
Vice Chair: Mrs Erika Hewett
Clerk:          Mrs Helen Rodgers


Personnel Committee
Personnel (Appeals) Committee
Pupil Discipline Committee

Name Date appointed Term of office Appointment Committee(s)  Business / Pecuniary Interests
Sarah Alexander 11/05/2015 12/06/2023 Co-Opted Compliance
Marissa Boulter 01/05/2016 01/05/2020 Parent  Education/Compliance Governor St Hilary School
Les Hall  Ex-officio
Erika Hewett 05/03/2018 04/03/2022 Appointed Education Governor St Hilary School
John Rodgers 24/01/2018 24/01/2022 Staff Education
Jane Osborne 03/06/2016 02/06/2020 Appointed Compliance / Personnel (Appeals)
Michael Payne 01/05/2016 01/05/2020 Parent Education Chair of Governors Ludgvan School
Nigel Walker 14/05/2016 13/05/2020 Appointed Education / Personnel (Appeals)
Nikki Walters 26/10/2015 25/10/2023 Co-Opted Compliance (Chair) / Personnel