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Governing Bodyshare


Mrs Sara Davey  (Executive Principal)
Mr Robin Webb
Mrs Jane Osborne
Mr Jeremy Field


Mrs Sarah Alexander
Mrs Oona Connell
Mrs Erika Hewett
Mr Michael Payne
Mrs Marissa Boulter
Mr Nigel Walker
Mrs Nicola Walters
Mr John Rodgers

Chairman:           Mr Robin Webb
Vice Chairman    Mrs Jane Osborne, Mr Jeremy Field & Mrs Sarah Alexander
Clerk                      Mrs Helen Rodgers


Quality of Teaching, Leadership, Learning & Teaching School
Quality of Data, Progress & Safeguarding
Finance & Premises
Personnel Committee
Personnel (Appeals) Committee
Pupil Discipline Committee

Surname First Name Appointed/Elected or re-elected Committee(s) Business Interest (related parties interests) Governors roles in other education establishments
Alexander Sarah 11/05/15 Finance & Premises / Personnel (Appeals)
Boulter Marissa 01/05/16 Data, Progress & Safeguarding / Finance & Premises Governor St Hilary School
Connell Oona 18/01/18 Teaching, Leadership, Learning, & Teaching School
Davey Sara Ex-officio Ex-officio
Field Jeremy 05/03/18 Finance & Premises / Personnel
Hewett Erika 05/03/18 Data, Progress etc / Teaching, Learning etc / Personnel Governor St Hilary School
Rodgers John 24/01/2018 Teaching, Leadership, Learning, & Teaching School
Osborne Jane 03/06/16 Finance & Premises / Personnel (Appeals)
Payne Michael 01/05/16 Data, Progress & Safeguarding Governor Ludgvan School
Walker Nigel 14/05/16 Data, Progress & Safeguarding / Personnel (Appeals)
Walters Nikki 26/10/15 Data, Progress & Safeguarding (Chairman) / Personnel
Webb Robin 22/09/15 Chairman