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Golympix Writing

All the Academy students recently submitted a piece of creative writing based on the the theme of the Olympics, or our own Golympix held recently during the Golowan Festival. The wide variety of ideas and high standards of writing made judging very difficult, but the English Department decided to award medals to:
Year 7
Gold – Sam Jensen
Silver – Ananda Lee
Bronze – Katie Walker
Year 8
Gold – Alana Furneaux
Silver – Tanisha McCreadie
Bronze – Bridie Simons
Year 9
Gold – Emilie Charlesworth
Silver – Michael McClary
Bronze – Charley Buckley
Year 10
Gold – Bailey Venn
Silver – Susannah Disley
Bronze – Noemie Gallagher
Well done to all winners – the work will be published on the website and displayed in the English corridor in the very near future!