Gig Win

This bank holiday weekend Mrs Wheatley, along with ex students Logan Anderton and Tom Elliott, ex maths teacher Mr Farmer and Governor Mr Elliott, took part in the World pilot gig championships rowing for Mounts Bay Pilot Gig club. They were supported by a number of students including Emma Robinson, Jessie Pender Carter, Zoe Rundell and Amy Oliver.

Mrs Wheatley’s ladies veteran’s crew won the opening event, on Friday evening, ahead of around 65 other gigs. The margin of the victory was some 10 boat lengths which made the success even more pleasing.

The open event then took place over the Saturday and Sunday, with Mrs Wheatley’s crew, the ladies A, coming a close 5th out of around 130 gigs. In the men’s open event, Logan and Mr Farmer’s crew came 33rd and Tom’s and Mr Elliott’s crew 75th, again out of around 130 gigs.

A Report by Zoe Rundell

“The race was spectacular, from the start Mounts Bay was ahead, and with every stroke they maintained and increased there lead. The noise of cheering was overwhelming, everyone shouting for their team. However the battle for the other top places was fierce, the stokes were powerful, each gig wanting to out row each other.

It was extremely pleasing to see the Mounts Bay ladies win by such a huge margin. I loved every minute of that race and it would be fantastic to see them win again next year, as they have a very good chance of doing so!”


Click here to see a video part of the race


Click on an image below to see some photographs of the event.  The final photo is receiving the gold medal.

Mrs Wheatley is rowing in the black gig Cormoran, which is named after the giant on St. Michael’s Mount.