Get Set

Week 1


This week students challenged themselves with new activities that they can continue to experience throughout their time at the Academy.

There was a huge variety of activities available including drama, art, music, photography, film, surfing, football, cycling, food technology, textiles and multiple sports on offer.

The activities were designed for students to take on some new challenges and over come new school nerves.

Some of the activities included:

Creative Summer Cooking

Learning to be safe and creative in the kitchen. Making a fresh fruit salad, using seasonal fruit and learned how to use knives correctly. Also making fruit muffins whilst learning about safety in the kitchen.

Creative Art

Experimenting with new techniques including printing, ink and many others, working from nature and exploring the work of famous artists.

Multi Sport

Making use of the excellent facilities at the Academy, developing skills in a fun environment and trying new sports, basketball, handball and much more…


Slacklining is an extreme balance sport based around tightrope walking that enabled the students to combine focus, agility, balance and concentration.


The real world treasure hunt! Using GPS devices students navigated around the local area and attempted to find the hidden containers.

Click on an image below to see some pictures.