Geography House Competition

Students have been busy this week pitting their geographical knowledge against each other in the Big Fat Geography Quiz! Students met in room 5 on Wednesday and Thursday and tested their knowledge of countries, cities, continents, physical features, buildings and people in 6 gruelling rounds which could have tested even the most hardened Geographer! Well done to all students who took part; a small prize will find its way to you soon after half term.

The winning teams from both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 will be invited to go on to represent MB at the West Cornwall Geography Quiz which MB is pleased to be organising and hosting!

The Results!

Key Stage 3 results

1) Purple 30 points

2) Green 29 points

3) Blue 25 points

4) Red 16.5 points

Out of 36

Key Stage 4 results

1) Purple 42 points

2) Red 40 points

3) Yellow 33.5 points

4) Orange 30 points

5) Green 21 points

Out of 54