GCSE Results Information

GCSE and non GCSE results will be available to view on Firefly from 10am on Thursday 20th August. Please would you check that this document shows your child’s legal forename and surname and correct date of birth as this information is crucial for certificates. If either of these are wrong, please email jrobinson@mountsbay.org with the correct information.

How these results have been calculated

These results have been generated by Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) submitted by departments to the exam boards. In creating these CAGs, subject teachers, working in departmental groups, looked at a wide range of evidence produced over the last two years, including mock exam results, classroom assessments, homework and classwork. For non GCSE subjects, “banked” exam results were also taken into consideration. In some cases, students have been awarded a higher grade than their CAG as a result of the standardisation process implemented by the exam boards. These improved grades are reflected in your personal result statement.


We hope all students are happy with their results but we do understand that some of you may be disappointed. In a move away from previous years, Ofqual has made the decision that students will not be able to challenge their individual grades this summer simply because they do not agree with the grade received. However, Ofqual have agreed that if you feel there may have been an administrative error on your results sheet, you can in the first instance ask us to check this on our internal systems. Please email jrobinson@mountsbay.org to ask for a clerical check. If necessary, we can then submit an appeal to the exam board on this basis.

November 2020 re-take opportunities

Ofqual has asked the exam boards to put on a full suite of written exams in November 2020 for any students who are unhappy with their grades this summer. These exams will run from Monday 2nd November to Monday 23rd November. There will be the same number of exams for each subject as there would have been in the summer of 2020 and the duration of each will be the same.

If you are interested in re-taking any exams, please would you email jrobinson@mountsbay.org to register your interest. We will then provide you with details of the dates of the exams in question. The deadline for us to receive confirmed entries from students is Monday 14th September at 5pm, except for English and Maths. The deadline for us to receive confirmed English and Maths entries is Monday 28th September at 5pm. Our current understanding is that if a student would like to re-take Maths or English as a result of achieving lower than a grade 4, they will need to approach the college who will be responsible for scheduling these exams.

Support on Results Day

There will be a number of staff available at school on Results Day if you should have any questions or require further information. Please phone the main switchboard on 01736 363240 and you will be put through to the relevant person.

~ Mrs Masters for college and careers advice

~ Ms Osborne for emotional support

~ Mrs Robinson, Mrs Frayne & Mr Yeates for exam enquiries

We continue to receive updates about non GCSE qualifications from Ofqual and the exam boards and will pass any information on to you as soon as possible.