French Exchange Visit

During May half term, I was one of seven students who went on the French trip to Concarneau in Brittany – a town which is twinned with Penzance. 

We took an overnight ferry to Roscoff and from there we went to the Manor House in Concarneau. 

Over the week, we visited several places such as Quimper, which is equivalent to Truro; Pont-Aven, a town like St. Ives; and the Glenan Islands. 

In Pont Aven we visited the Cobra exhibition in the art gallery. Pont Aven is a famous art colony and has a very creative vibe about the place. 

Quimper is a medieval city with some incredibly beautiful architecture. We were given free time in the city with a set amount of money. Our challenge was to buy our own French lunch complete with a drink. We had to order in French and come in under budget!

During our visit to the Glénan Islands, we were able to explore the islands for a few hours and discover the wildlife on the island. It is home to lots of lizards and wildflowers unique to the island. The island is uninhabited and was absolutely stunning.

We also went to a secondary school in Concarneau for a day where we shadowed our French pen-friends. Unlike in England, French students have nine hour days and do not wear school uniform. It was a great experience, despite it being a bit tiring!

During our visit to the primary school in Concarneau we taught young French children some English animals and their noises. It was great fun thinking about how to actually teach and then delivering it. The children were really cute and seemed to enjoy our lesson a lot.

Every evening, in the Manor House, a group of us would take it in turns to cook dinner. The Manor House had a big garden in which we played badminton and football. 

Thank you so much to Ms Bennett and Mr Williams for making this trip possible we would also like to thank the twinning committee who arranged the accommodation for us – and brought fresh croissants every day!

Written by Ziji Lee