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Exeter Chiefs

Report By: Mr Strong


On Wednesday 20th March the year 7 and 8 Rugby teams visited Sandy Park, home of the Exeter Chiefs rugby team. It was an early start with the a 7:30am leave from Mounts Bay. The bus journey up was filled with much excitement and talk of the recent Six Nations and other top level rugby matches and players. Once we arrived at Exeter all the students were taken for a training session working on developing ball handling skills, running from depth and organisation of back lines and positions. The we were then taken to watch the Chiefs train, Exeter were preparing for a big game against Leicester Tigers on the following Saturday. Watching the elite players train was a great experience for our rugby teams, seeing the professional perform similar games and activities that our players are use to, but that were performed with faultless precision and excellence. The students were then taken on a stadium tour of a ‘working’ rugby club witnessing the day to day treatment rooms, ice baths, video analysis, changing rooms, kit rooms and preparation of vital protein drinks and vitamins for the players. The highlight of the day came at the when our pupils were able to have a question and answer session with three of the Exeter Chiefs’ players. This was made even more special as all three were originally from Penzance and two were former Mounts Bay pupils. Many questions were asked to Matt Jess, Jack Nowell and Luke Cowan-Dickie about what it is like to be a professional rugby player, the pathway they have taken, the training and hard work they have put in and what the hope to achieve in their careers.


This was an excellent opportunity for our rugby teams and all our players came away from the day ‘buzzing’ with excitement. We would like to thank Exeter Chiefs for allowing us to come an visit them for the day, and providing our pupils with an incredible experience and who knows maybe Mounts Bay maybe able to provide some more Exeter Chiefs players in the future!