English Literacy

Well done to everyone who entered the mini saga and haiku competitions for Literacy Week! The winning mini sagas are listed below:

Mini Saga Winners (in reverse order)


Jake Simons (Third Place)

“Here they come,” growled the guard. The vibrations shook the cold rock beneath their feet.

“Make ready,” the Lord replied. “Hold the stairway, I might need an escape route if we are overrun!” They could see shadows around the corner as they approached. Then the paparazzi were now upon them.

Abbie Hosken (Second Place)

I have been coated once again in poison. The toxic substance covers me, all over. Some of my friends escape, but I don’t make it. It continues to torture all that’s left. The breeze blows me, as my friends and I flutter. Mascara really is not an eyelashes best friend.

Casper Torode (First Place)

I dance along the boiling bars. Jumping from my back to my front I crawl onto the moving metal platform to find my soft bed. It’s a trap! A second bed closes on me now. It’s……. It turns red. I am crushed in a fat mans mouth. I am a burger.

The haiku winner are as follows:


Arielle Fitkin (Third Place)

Harry Greenwood (Second Place)

Embla Hocking (First Place)

….but you will need to visit the English department to see the winning entries alongside their pictures.