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English Excellence

Mr Helliwell has awarded Da Vinci Awards to eleven students in his Year 8 English classes.

Both classes were set a ‘Shakespearean Newspaper Project’ in which they were asked to design and produce a newspaper front page based on independent research into the time period and a review of either ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Macbeth’. As the paper’s editor, they were asked to decide on (write) a newsworthy story that was topical and likely to be of interest to the readership of the time. For the second element, they had to choose one of the two plays and research the plot, characters, etc., then write a review of that play as though they had just seen it performed at the Globe Theatre a few days earlier.

The task was conceived with a view to wrapping up the students’ work on newspapers last semester while at the same time exploring a bit of Shakespeare’s context ahead of our work on Macbeth this semester.

Each of the pieces of work produced by these eleven students more than meets the criteria and my own expectations, and in doing so demonstrated not only their commitment to the task and a determination to develop their ideas as fully as possible, but also provided their peers with a wonderful source of inspiration. Work of this standard reveals their passion for English and a level of self-motivation that warrants recognition.

Well done to:

Aston Siney (8 Purple)

Jacob Pengelly (8 Purple)

Rugile Talackaite (8 Blue)

Ismay Cornish-Murphy (8 Green)

Cara Hinge (8 Purple)

Ellesha Moyle (8 Green) Matthew Thomas (8 Yellow)

Rosie Empson (8 Red)

Lois Willett-Green (8 Yellow)

Alannah Wallis (8 Yellow)

Marlene Favata (8 Orange)