The Tyger

We are thrilled to announce that Johannes Black of 10 Shine has been awarded first prize for his interpretation of William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’.  In his short film, Blake’s omniscient God is replaced by the all-knowing internet and there is an awareness of the duality of man throughout.

Click Here To Watch Tyger Tyger by Johannes

Lisa Mae Evans from 10 Marsden shot a beautiful film highlighting her artistic talents. The confident reading of the poem is by Eleanor Goodhead.

Click Here To watch Tyger Tyger By Lisa Mae

10 Worsdell’s film was a more humorous take on the poem, using outdoor locations well for effect.

 Click Here To Watch Tyger Tyger by 10 Worsdell 

8 Blackaby presented a quirky film highlighting the wild tiger within the domestic cat.

Click Here to Watch Tyger Tyger By 8 Blackaby

7 Kilby worked well together with Thomas Seymour reading the poem in an engaging and confident tone.

Click Here To Listen To Tyger Tyger By 7 Kilby 

7 Payne used music as a background to their reading of the poem which creates an almost trance-like effect.

Click Here To Listen To Tyger Tyger 7 Payne 

Lauren Prisk of 10 Marsden has been awarded top marks for her handwritten version of the poem.  It was a pleasure to see such carefully presented work from all the forms.


Well done to all and thank you for participating.  You have all earned House points which we will be passing on to Mr Raggett for inclusion in the final tally!