Eden Trip

Last Thursday and Friday saw a fantastic opportunity for the Year 8 students to undertake a field trip to the Eden Project.

Our students are currently studying ecosystems and biomes, and as a part of the topic conducting a study of plant adaptations and human use of the Tropical Rainforest and Mediterranean biomes. Following their data collection students will be analysing the data and writing up their studies as a report, practising essential geographic skills as they develop study of the subject later in the school.

Here is what a few of our students had to say about the day:

“It was the best day ever, we got to learn about everything from how plants adapt and grow to the climate of these biomes.” Tilly Stephens 8 Yellow

“I like that as soon as you walk through the entire climate can change, like when we walked into the rainforest the wall of heat and warmth hits you!” Matt Thomas 8 Yellow

“I really liked the open view of the Mediterranean and loved the waterfall in the tropical rainforest!” Bronwyn Bramley 8 Orange

“Listening to the nature and how the birds communicate with one another was really cool!” Danny Fyffe 8 Yellow

“I loved the tropical rainforest, all the different exotic plants and the waterfall was very nice.” Asha Sykes 8 Yellow

“I really liked the tropical forest, all of it is so different to Cornwall and England. Also both of the biomes are so different.” Niamh George 8 Red and Ella Raymond 8 Orange

As a department our team is committed to providing students with the best possible geographical opportunities to study both in and out of the classroom. Fieldwork is embedded across every Year group and the students all really enjoy the chance to investigate the world outside in an experiential manner.