Eden Project Visit

This week was a very busy week for the Geography department, with the whole of Year 8 visiting the Eden Project on Tuesday and Friday. The trip was organised to enhance the students’ classroom lessons on ecosystems and world biomes. What a fabulous opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, smells and humidity first hand! The students had lots of tasks to complete in both the Mediterranean and Tropical Rainforest Biomes about adaptability, exploitation, sustainability and conservation. They will have some follow up assignments to complete their understanding next week back in the classroom. It was a pleasure to see the students’ enthusiasm and always nice to receive compliments from the general public about their conduct and appearance.

Report by Mr Smith

We enjoyed the experience of going around the biomes and going to see the different plants that grew in them. There are the two main biomes, the Tropical Rainforest and the

Mediterranean. The Tropical Rainforest was so humid that we were forced to take off our blazers. Fortunately, there was a Cool Room in the Rainforest which was just like a cold sauna, it was what all of us needed. On the other hand, the Mediterranean biome was still warm but nice, unlike the hot and sticky Rainforest.

Report by Jack Chinn and Demelza Hewett Year 8