Dutch Exchange

Last week the Hermann Wesselink College students arrived in Cornwall for the second week of the exchange. After a long journey the Dutch exchange partners  were greeted by MBA students and treated to a cream tea on the Sunday evening. Over the course of the week the students took part in a varied activity programme focusing on Cornish culture and Sports Leadership.

This week has been very fun, we have taken part in various activities.

The first day started with the Dutch students wearing school uniform to MBA. This was a major difference between the two schools as the Dutch students are able to wear their own clothes to school. We took part in a number of communication and team building  games. This was followed by a tour of MBA identifying differences and similarities. In the afternoon  the group took part in a rugby leadership session with Phil Morris from the RFU. It was to demonstrate leadership skills and to show you how to deal with different environments when leading.

On the Monday it was one of the Dutch girls birthdays, so the students visited to The Hub in St Ives to celebrate!

On Tuesday morning we evaluated our session with Phil to see what we had learnt from the session, the outcome was successful.  We then went on a trip to Lands End, when we arrived we had a photo with the sign, and then had free time to go in the tourist shops and look around. After this we walked along the coast to Sennen beach to spend time playing games, relaxing and enjoying the great weather. In the evening the group visited Country Skittles.

On Wednesday, we led Years 3/4 from various schools in a Quadkids athletics event. The event went well and everyone had different individual leadership roles including: team managers, coaches, event officials and scorers. Many of the leaders on the Sports Leaders course made good connections with the children, and everyone performed well both the children and the leaders. The Dutch students learnt a lot from this and adapted well to the environment and roles.

On Thursday we visited to St Ives in the morning by train for the Dutch students, we then had free time to look around then meet for lunch to eat Cornish pasties as the Dutch had not experienced this before.

In the afternoon we then went to Gwithian beach to have a surf lesson with Global Boarders. The surf was big and this was a good experience for everyone. There were a lot of wipeouts but also quick learners, and surprisingly the sea was not too cold.

In the evening we finished the week off with an over view of the week, with a film and a small buffet and a knowledge quiz.

Finally, on the Friday morning it was a early and sad start, we said goodbye to the students and the teachers who we will hopefully see again in the foreseeable future.

Report by Phoebe Lagor