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This week at Mounts Bay Academy 40 students in Year 10 and 11 received their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards.  They have each put in a huge amount of work throughout the course of the year in order to reach their award level.  Participants have to organise their own Physical, Volunteering and Skill based activities as well as doing an expedition as part of a team.  They can chosoe activities that they have an interest in or  a completely new activity that they want to give a try.  The DofE program at MBA is supported by the massive MixX programme of after school and lunchtime clubs.

On two separate occasions the Silver team and the Bronze expedition teams had some of the worst weather possible for their walking expeditions; which makes it even more of an achievement for them to have completed it.
The four Silver participants were the first students from Mounts Bay to achieve this level award. They all intend to carry on and do their Gold level once they are at college.
There are approximately another 35 students who are almost there and it is hoped that they will receive their Bronze Award before the end of term.
Well done to everyone!
Report by Mr Fish