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Report by Mr Fish

This last weekend 80 Mounts Bay pupils completed their Bronze expedition.

In the pouring rain and howling wind they walked for a minimum of 6 hours each day. Some were out for even longer than that!!

They were supported by remote supervision, meaning that they had to make all navigation and team decisions themselves and only checked in with the expedition assessors and supervisors at specific check points.  Due to the weather it wasn’t only the walking and navigating that provided a challenge. Even the camping and cooking in the evening and morning was hard work.

All participants did fabulously and tackled it all in good spirits. It was definitely one of those experiences you enjoy more once it is over!  They are all now at the final stages of completing their Bronze Award – well done!

Special thanks to all the staff and external volunteers who gave up their time in order to make it all happen.

The next cohort of DofE enrolments will be in June – watch this space.

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