Detox Festival 

Detox Session 6

Welcome to session 6 of the festival.

Each session lasts for around 15 minutes.

Session 7 will be available from 13:30

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Black Lives Matter

Poppy and Georgia, 2 white young women in their 20’s, have been so inspired by the Black Lives Matter campaign that they decided to do something about it. They are creating a push for us to analyse the way we teach in Cornwall to reflect on the way we teach Anti-Racism and how we ensure the history taught reflects a full perspective and not just one based on colonialism. If you are interested in more info there are links attached that signpost some ways to get involved

An Introduction To Racism From Georgia and Poppy


BBC Bitesize – Black History


BLM Summary

If you want to find out more about black history, Click here to see a list of useful resources.


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