In the Spring Semester Year 8 students were exploring ideas of ‘democracy’ in their RE and PSME lessons. For much of the unit students worked in groups to complete an election project; they decided on policies about important issues such as healthcare, education, taxation, defence, housing, unemployment and industry and then created a manifesto.

Each party then began an election campaign, creating posters, videos and sound bites to attract votes, which all culminated in hustings in the school Hall where the most successful parties delivered speeches and endured cross- examination from fellow students. After every vote had been cast and counted the most successful parties were the TUP boys from 8Troup (Finn Burford, Dom Williams, Cass Ball, Kieran Hughes, Jack Pearce and Bailey Trevains), and the People’s Party from 8 Page (Eleanor Peters, Becky Cutter, Freyja Adams and Ross Allen).

The students worked hard and learned a lot about how elections are organized and, more significantly, how important it is to vote. They also explored the trials and difficulties faced by political parties that have to consider a coalition…all very relevant given the current climate!