Helsingor Day 2

It’s the second day of our trip to Helsingor and the students had a well deserved lie-in with their host families whilst the teaching staff discussed the forthcoming itinerary for the next few days and worked together to plan for the festival to come.


Once back in school we were treated to presentations from 3 of the partner schools outlining the things they have learnt from excursions outside the classroom and a very interesting talk from the Helsingor students about how their school works. Finally before a fantastic lunch/afternoon tea we enjoyed a really informative talk about our host schools involvement in fundraising for Gambia and the annual trip they have been running since the mud 1980’s.


The rest of the afternoon was spent taking part in some team building activities that were both fun and encouraged communication in a fascinating way. At just after 5 0’clock all the students left the school to return to their host families for an evening with their new friends.


To see highlights from our day, click here to see the TV pages of our website.