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CurriculumOur school’s reputation for excellence has grown from over half a century of commitment to generating new ideas..

We encourage divergent thinking and nurture a community of highly motivated staff and students.

The Academy embraces a mastery curriculum and the Growth Mindset approach which ensures scaffolded support is in place to promote success for all rather than put a ceiling on the achievements of our learners.  This can also be observed in the Project-based Learning experienced by Year 7 where literacy, Humanities and the Arts are combined in a course delivered by experts in each field.

The Year 7 Curriculum consists of an entitlement to a core offer of three sessions of English, Maths and Science per week. Students also study two sessions a week of French as well as two sessions of PE. Further to this, all students participate in a carousel of Performance and Technology subjects including Music, Element, Computing and Food Technology. Global Citizenship is also studied by all students for one session per week. We are further developing the exciting learning experience for our students through the REAL project. This opportunity promotes a cross curricular approach to learning and engages students in authentic project-based learning through the subject areas of Humanities, Arts and Literacy.

The Year 8 Curriculum comprises three sessions of English, Maths and Science per week with a two further sessions in the Modern Foreign Language studied in Year 7. Students also participate in two sessions of Humanities and PE and well as one session of Global Citizenship. In Year 8 students also engage in two carousels; one being a Performance and Technology carousel of Music, Food Technology, Computing and Element and the other being a Creative Arts carousel of Art, Photography, Drama and Graphic Products.

Currently in Year 9 our students make their first choice for future pathways. This means that the two carousels are replaced by a one-year GCSE or equivalent which students complete in Year 9 over 4 sessions per week. The curriculum is completed by three sessions of English, Maths and Science, two sessions of MFL, Humanities and PE and one of Global Citizenship.


  Year 7 – 9 Curriculum


In Year 10 our students make further option choices which allows them to identify a specific Humanity and opt into a range of examination subjects. At this point they will choose two subjects which they will study for two lessons per week. The choice comes from a wide selection of subjects but also enables students to select Triple Science, a second Humanity or Modern Foreign Language. Year 10 Students continue studying three sessions of English, Maths and Science, two sessions of MFL, Humanities and PE and one of Global Citizenship.

The Year 11 Curriculum is a continuation of their Year 10 studies. Students study three sessions of English, Maths and Science, two sessions of MFL, Humanities and PE and one of Global Citizenship along with two sessions per week of their two chosen option examination subjects.

High Performance Institute (HPI)

At Mounts Bay Academy we believe that all students have the potential to study and be successful at the highest level.  To increase the opportunities for our students and to help them identify their area or areas of expertise we offer a range of activities both in normal curriculum time and after school that challenge students in additional ways.  We have lead teachers in all curriculum areas who organise a wide range of activities that allow students to study subjects in more detail or inspire them to continue to follow these courses as college or university.

Through the HPI activities students are given the opportunity to study new and additional subjects such as Economics, Further Mathematics, Psychology and Latin.  These courses are offered at either GCSE or AS Level and are run in two after school sessions each week.  All students in Years 9 and above are given the opportunity to join one of these courses if they are interested.


  Year 10 – 11 Curriculum