County Athletics

ESAA English Schools Track and Field Event

On 12th May, nineteen Cornish Schools competed at the ESAA boys competition at Carn Brea. Each school brought students from Years 7 ,8, 9 and 10. The Year 7 and 8 athletes teamed up  as the  ’junior boys’  team and the Years 9 and 10 athletes teamed up as the ‘inter boys’ team.

In the first half of the day all the Year 9 and 10 were doing the field events and Year 7 and 8 were doing the track events. At 12 o’clock they switched around, so Year 9 and 10 were doing the track events and Year 7 and 8 were doing the field events.

It was a nice sunny day so everyone had a great time. Students were very  positive to each other and were cheering for each other and encouraged athletes to go faster, even if they didn’t have it in them. Over all it was a really really good day with a number of great performances on the track and in the field. The results will not be published until tomorrow….

Well done to:

Oakley Blackball
Pierre Dormeuil
Tom Ellery
Harry Hocking
Ben Jefferies
Mawgan Kewn
Joey Norways
Fletcher Stevenson
Perran Tustin
Jos Wearne
Pasha Wilson
Charlie Boyns
Ben Chapman
Harry Doyle
Luke Flack
Connor George
Sam Lewis
Aeden McNamara
Dylan Sadler
Josh Otto
Beau Rogers
Reece Evans
Piran Tanner
Jacob Trudgeon
Archie Vingoe

Report by Nick Strong

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