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Choir Wins Award at Music Festival

On Thursday 10th of November, Mounts Bay’s High Performance Choir travelled to compete at Camborne Music Festival. There were many school choirs competing; both Primary and Secondary schools. Our choir, was entered in the Senior School Intermediate section.

When we arrived at the venue, we went upstairs to a private hall to warm up and prepare for our performance. The songs we chose to perform were: ‘Steal Away’ (which is a song that the African Slaves sang in the fields whilst working), and ‘Don’t worry About Me’ by pop singer Frances.

Before the performance, we sat in the church to listen to the choirs in the class before us. Listening to them sing, we were nervous but also excited. Soon, it was our turn to perform!

The performance went well and we were confident whilst singing. We were very synchronised with our harmonies and we worked well as a choir. The adjudicator was very pleased and gave us great feedback with very little improvements needed. Our marks totalled as 88 out of 90 – we were very pleased with this. This really boosted our confidence as a group due to the fact that we have only been a choir since last March.

Once the results were mentioned, we happy to receive the ‘Overall Winning Choir Award’ of our class as well as the ‘Most Outstanding Performance Award by Youth Choir.’

We were pleased to bring home a win for the Academy and were awarded Da Vinci Awards from Mrs Davey. Due to our success we were proud to be given the honour of singing to the War Veterans who joined us for Remembrance Assemblies. We thanked them for them taking their time to visit us on this important day and we had positive feedback from them.

The members of the choir are: Emily Rees, Kate Matthew, Arianna caddy, Renae Caddy, Siena Hoadley, Emma Eddy, Alice Thacker, Senera Rendell, Alannah Mayo, Horace Halling, Jessica Lee, Ebony Maddock, Anya Burlton, and Jasmine Baragwanath.

Report by Kate Matthew, Emily, Rees, Arianna Caddy and Ebony Maddock