High Performance Learningshare

Our High Performance Learning (HPL) programmes encourage every student to be the "best they can be". They recognise that all students develop at different rates and that everyone can achieve at the highest level.
High Performance Learning does help students achieve highly but, unlike ‘hot-housing’ where the focus is upon improving examination results only for the most gifted students, HPL provides students with a toolkit of transferable thinking skills and attributes that empowers all students to achieve highly, regardless of their background or level of progress when they start at the school. HPL rejects the notion that only those students identified as ‘talented’ should have high aspirations and in this regard represents the exact opposite of ‘hot-housing’: far from only helping students to pass examinations, it gives them the skills needed to succeed both academically and socially, now and into their adult lives. HPL is not taught separately from required examination content, nor is it a distinct course to be followed to the detriment of learning the core factual detail of a given subject. Instead, HPL gives students the questioning attitudes, perceptive approach and thinking skills that will help them enhance their learning across the curriculum. It teaches them to be resilient in the face of challenges, a necessary attribute when preparing for examinations, and helps them to reflect upon their own learning to identify their own strategies to improve progress. It will teach them to think critically, logically and holistically, applying what they have learned in all their subjects to help them improve. In this way HPL helps students to learn in a deeper and more sophisticated way. All of these skills and attributes will be of genuine benefit when students prepare for their examinations now and in the future.
Click here to view or download our HPL Brochure to see how HPL is at the core of our Learning at Mounts Bay Academy
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