Catch Up Funding Reportshare

The Catch-Up Premium is provided to schools for every child who did not achieve the expected attainment standard by the end of KS2.  In 2015-16, the expected standard was Level 4 by the end of KS2.  In 2015-16 Mounts Bay Academy had 16 students fitting this profile and received £500 extra funding for each of them.  The total amount received was therefore £8000.


Mounts Bay Academy used this funding towards the salary of literacy and numeracy intervention staff.


Students in the catch-up group received the following depending on their needs:





47% of students ‘caught up’ to Level 4 in Maths by the end of Year 7

40% of students ‘caught up’ to level 4 in English by the end of Year 7




Projected Funding – £10 000 based on last year’s funding plus a percentage increase due to an increase in the number of Year 7 students this year.


Mounts Bay Academy intends to use this funding for: