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Breakfast Wrap

Recipe By: Charlie Hornby,  7 Payne

The Year 7 (B) Food Technology group we have been researching, planning and cooking healthy snacks.

I chose to do a breakfast wrap.

My inspiration was the Hairy Bikers. I watched a program about bikers always loving a English breakfast to eat but it takes quite a time to prepare.

I thought of putting a English breakfast into a wrap so it is quicker to eat but tastes the same.


2 vegetarian sausages,

1 egg (scrambled),

1 mushroom,

4 tomatoes

Baked Beans (1/4 of a tin).


Cook the ingredients normally and place in the centre of the wrap.

For the bows on the outside of the wrap I used tomato ketchup and slices of onions.

This is my final design.

The wraps taste extremely nice and they taste just like an English breakfast.