Best Ever GCSE Results!

Class of 2019 leads the way
This year has seen our amazing class of 2019 not just embrace the new style GCSE but smash through the challenges that were put before them.

This is a continuation of the changes that were started last year that have encompassed most of the examinations within the curriculum. Unlike many other schools however we continue to offer other Level 2 qualifications in areas like Music, the Arts, Food Technology and Media so that we can offer the broadest range of opportunities to students of all abilities.

It is important to remember that the GCSE’s are still relatively new examinations that tested student learning over a longer period of time. Our students were not able to rely on coursework and had a limited range past papers as a guideline for the type of answers they were expected to give.

This year we are publishing all results using the headline areas outlined in the English Baccalaureate to avoid any confusion between the old and new standards.
We are confident that these results will be seen as our best ever and we are looking forward to seeing how they compare both regionally and nationally when the Progress 8 and Value Added results are published by the Department of Education.

As ever, every student will leave us with qualifications and we can celebrate over 80% of them achieving the new standard pass grade in English and Maths with an amazing 25% of them getting the top grades 7-9.

Of course this should be put into a context of broader educational and extra curricular opportunities so we are pleased that some of the wider highlights of our results show that everyone has benefited from their time with us.

And the results are speaking for themselves, for example, almost 65% of our students have achieved two Science GCSE’s and over half have gained a language. Our Humanities department scored equally strongly with over well over 60% of students receiving a standard pass, with an incredible 89% of those that entered passing their Citizenship exam!

It isn’t all about Academia either, amongst a fantastic set of results for our Art, Music and Computing departments over 90% of our PE students passed their qualification.

Of course we have had some wonderful individual successes also.

Rhys, our top performing boy, gained a total of 12 qualifications passing 9 GCSE’s with 8 of those at a level of 7 or above, adding Music, Finance and a PE BTEC to this impressive haul!

Our Top performing girl was Ella who achieved an amazing 11 GCSE’s all at Grade 7 or above, with an amazing 6 at Grade 9!

They are surrounded by many other high achievers but also included these outstanding performances from:

Elektra with 11 GCSE passes, 9 of which were at Grade 7 or above with an added PE BTEC. She is joined by Zoe who achieved 10 GCSE passes, 8 of which were at Grade 7 or above.
We would also like to mention Chantelle who has made amazing progress over her time at Mounts Bay.

The Governors and staff of Mounts Bay Academy believe everyone is capable of learning to a high standard, it is just our job to individualise the way we present in to them.
As such we would like to wish the Class of 2019 many congratulations for their hard work and dedication and wish them all the best as they move on to the next stage of their education or employment pathways.


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