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Today 2pm MBTV broadcast a 40 minute live news programme on the Academy website for BBC News School Report. Students from Media Club and the GCSE Media Studies group joined forces to broadcast the news programme. During the broadcast the GCSE students ran the studio, operating cameras, sound equipment, vision mixers and acting as producers and studio managers.


“The atmosphere was tense just before 2 O’Clock, but once we went on air it got more relaxed. At the end I felt very relieved and proud of everyone.”   – Lucy Nicholas, camera operator.


First thing in the morning students decided what news to feature in the programme, they then had to write the news headlines, news stories, weather reports and sports updates ready for the live transmission. Main headlines included the budget, a new dinosaur named after a school girl, the placebo effect and Girls Aloud splitting up. As the on air time approached, nerves were mingled with excitement, but as soon as the opening credits begin the students operated like a professional media team. The programme went incredibly smoothly.


“It was scary at first but once you get into the flow you get more relaxed. When I watch the national news I know it’s not as easy as they make it look.” Olivia Egan, presenter


The day was the culmination of many weeks of work for the students. Many had produced  pre-recorded packages that were aired during the show. One group were lucky to get a world TV exclusive: they were invited down to Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, and were the first film crew to have a look inside the new ‘Developing the Future’ building there. Others produced pieces on the Kernow Youth Book Awards, climate change in Cornwall, urban foxes and the links between Mounts Bay Academy and the Mariame Mae Pre-school in Gambia.


Miss Fisher and Miss Tooby, who run Media Club, were delighted with the day.


“It really couldn’t  have gone any better, I’m so pleased and proud of them all.” – Miss Tooby