Augsburg Update

Over the last few days we have been settling in to life in a German family. It has been very exciting and we have tried lots of new foods traditional to the area as well as learning about the music and language of Swabia.

As well as attending normal German lessons with our exchange partners,  we have all presented work on our Cornish language and music to the group. Our German exchange partners also taught us about their music and language and we were able to conclude that there are several similarities between our two cultures. In fact, our project title is, “Different in the same way”. We are continuing, throughout the week, to present our findings which will appear on our very own website!
Today, we spent time working on the project before heading to Munich for a guided tour and a visit to the university. The university was of such interest to us as some of us had researched Hans and Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Movement in our German lessons in year 7. They were key figures in the White Rose movement which was a resistance group operating out of the university. When they were caught distributing leaflets declaring that Germany was fighting a losing battle, they were arrested, put on trial and subsequently executed. It was eye opening for others in the group, both English and German, that didn’t know about this part of German history. The university has a a small museum which we visited as well as a number of memorials, including one very interesting one which consisted of permanent leaflets embedded into the pavement leading into the university building. We have never seen a memorial like this and found it to be a fitting tribute to them.
From the university, we headed to Marienplatz for our guided tour of the city. The tour guide was really funny and was able to give us lots of information about Germany’s 3rd city. Among the sights were the Opera House, the Hofbräuhaus- where Hitler gave some of his first speeches and the Town Hall. The tour culminated in a quiz at the end of the tour which Stan won. He is now the proud owner of a Hits of Munich cd!! We also had some free time with our partners in the Christmas market to take in some of the sights, sounds and smells. We then headed back to Augsburg via train to spend the evening with our German host families. The weather has been very cold here, between freezing and 2 degrees most days and we are expecting a little bit of snow on Saturday.
Best wishes from Augsburg,
The Year 9 German Comenius Group