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Arts Award

This December Mounts Bay students and Arts Award facilitators were invited to speak at a conference at The Eden Project because Mounts Bay is one of the leading centres for the Arts Award in the South West.

Report by Louis Hammond

This December all the people who are doing the Arts Award around Cornwall went to the Eden project to go to a conference, to learn about how we could improve our Arts Award and to take part in workshops. Mounts Bay did opera and dancing. In the opera we learnt how to warm up our voices and we had to do opera poses. It was really good fun and we sang the song ‘Toreador’.

After that we had a dancing class. In this we looked at nature and the sculptures around us to get our inspiration for dancing.

Then we went into the Mediterranean biome and performed the pieces. After lunch people gave talks about how they did their Arts Awards in their schools.

Finally it was time to leave, on the way back we broke down and had to wait till the van restarted. I really enjoyed the whole day, but the opera was my favourite, as it was fun to do and was a laugh.