The Arts and Technology 

Art Curation Project

On Thursday 16th May Mrs Dale took 15 students from Years 8, 9 and 10 to the Newlyn Art Gallery where they worked with professional curators to begin selecting artworks from the Arts Council Collection of over 8000 paintings, photos, films and sculptures in preparation for a forthcoming exhibition being launched in March 2020.

Mounts Bay Academy students have been given the unique opportunity to work closely with experts in the Art and Design field to understand the complete curatorial process and are leading the way in this project. They will select the art work, receive it on delivery at the gallery, plan where it will be located and why, decide interior design and lighting arrangements, help create the press releases, create graphics and the gallery communication as part of the PR process and be instrumental in the ‘Private View’ exhibition launch in March 2020.

During the workshop the curators helped the students select pieces from famous artists such as Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and David Hockney as well as lesser known artists such as John Walters, who has also created some really intriguing pieces.

After much philosophical debate regarding the overall theme, spatial limitations in regards to scale, the gallery’s natural lighting and even the proximity to the ocean, which may affect valuable artworks, students selected a long list of about 80 works. They then narrowed this down to about 30 pieces that could be exhibited and used to initiate creative approaches to curriculum content delivery in schools.

The students have a follow up meeting with the Gallery curators in June with updates from the Arts Council and then they will move on to the next planning stage.

Report by Kit