Amazing Maths

On Friday Emma Eddy, Annie Badjan, Hugh Williams and Jake Tregarthen went to Pool Academy for the “Challenge and Innovation” competition. Schools are invited from all over Cornwall to take part. Mounts Bay came fourth out of the whole of Cornwall. It was for KS3 students so some teams were from Year 9, but our team consisted of Year 8 students.

The first round was to complete 10 puzzles, and we did very well on that. The second was a cross number puzzle. One pair had the across clues, the other pair had the downs; but we could not talk to each other! The third puzzle was the relay round. One pair started with a question, and when that was answered, the other pair got a question, and so on. The teachers were all in a team, but they came last on this round.

At lunch the school provided drinks and snacks for both students and staff.

The last puzzle was like a relay, because the answer from one pair had to be used to solve the puzzle for the other pair. We did extremely well in this round, getting 100% right.

We thought the day went really well, and we enjoyed playing with the maths.