Adventure Saturday

The Academy hosted nearly 200 Year 6 students from local primary schools for an Arctic Adventure today. The students worked in teams and undertake a variety of challenges to see if they have the skills and ingenuity to survive in the icy wastelands of the North Pole. They learned from the indigenous people called the Inuit who live in the areas around the North Pole and got involved in six different activities. They became scientists, engineers, anthropologists, linguists, athletes, artists and musicians as they visited the various challenge posts.

The morning began in the Hall which had been turned into the Hudson Bay Trading Company where they met the chief trader who briefed them on their adventure challenges. They then went to different venues on campus to learn about the famous explorer Bear Grylls, the life and world of a Shaman and they met a very special guest who had agreed to make an appearance.

To see some of their adventures, click here to see the TV page of our website.


Saturday Adventure 2014 2