Adventure Learning Centre 

Wild Project

The Wild Project has been running over two terms with Year 8 students, Arts Award students and BTEC Dancers to explore the local landscape and find ways to present Science and Art together. Supported by Exeter University and the International CREATIONS Project, Miss West and Miss Hall have set out challenges for the MBA students as Investigators. Last summer they explored Porthcurno, the Minack Theatre and the Telegraph Museum.  This Autumn the focus has moved to St Michael’s Mount and the Penzance Promenade, taking in the views and also the two parallel Art Galleries.


For Project Week the students began their week with an exploration of the two galleries and the walk in between, developing new perspectives on the coastline and how to interpret it through Science and Art lenses. They were joined by Art gallery curators, science teachers and professional dancers and were led through a series of workshops that explored varying perspectives on Penzance and were encouraged to also concider their own view, curiosities and questions. Their individual  investigations began as they explored answers to their questions and began to design, rehearse and create their final outcomes: which ranged from poems to sound scores and dance to art and photography. The topics explored also ranged from the seas ecosystems, to kinetic energy, myths and forensic evidence. The investigators shared their work as an exhibition and evening performance  in the Cube alongside the Drama Club  on Wednesday and were followed by a film maker from Germany documenting their experience on the Action Research Project.


The final day of Project Week was a rerun to Newlyn Gallery where they shared their outcomes with each other and the public in the gallery space. The professional dancers also returned and performed their reposes to the landscape and the MBA students discussed the scientific and creative aspects of the performance. The discussion, sharing and performances were a brilliant way to end the project and summarise all of the confidence, courage and imagination that the students achieved as they evolved into investigators. The Wild Project has been documented by Exeter University, Miss Hall and Miss West. As well as the project being a key aspect to Miss West’s MA in Creative Education, the University have decided to use Mounts Bay and Wild as a core case study for their own thesis in the international CREATIONS Project. Putting Mounts Bay at the centre of learning and creativity.

The Wild Project concludes on Friday 8th December with some of the students performing their developed dance pieces at Penlee House and the Arts Award students delivering Art and Dance workshops to local primary schools in the gallery spaces and outside. This event is open to parents and public and will begin at 2pm.

Watch the video below