Veterans Present Plaque

Members of The Royal Cornwall Branch of The Parachute Regimental Association and the Ludgvan Branch of the Royal British Legion visited Mounts Bay Academy on Wednesday.They presented Mrs Davey and Mr Harvey with a commemorative plaque celebrating the relationship forged between MBA and service veterans. This is at its most evident during the annual Armistice Day ceremony, when former Parachute Regiment veterans John McHugh and Jack Tarr along with Steve Francis from the Royal British Legion join students in the two minutes silence. It allows students to relate their experience of remembrance to members of the community who have real life experiences to share.

Mrs Davey said, “The act of remembrance is very important to us at MBA. It is hugely enhanced by the presence of veterans as well as our annual school trip to visit the WW1 war graves at Ypres. It’s all about ensuring links that make a powerful difference  to students understanding of the past.”

Jack Tarr said, “The Armistice Day ceremony is not just about WW1, but every conflict right up to the present day.” John McHugh added, “Since WW2 there has only been one year in which British troops have not been involved somewhere in the world.”

The veterans were invited to return to MBA soon to visit an exhibition of student work inspired by war poetry.