Three Brown Belts for Mounts Bay Shukokai Karate

Over the last two weeks gradings have been held at Mounts Bay Shukokai Karate.


The club has new Green and Orange Belts.  Rhys Brown, Ritchie Payne and Hugh Williams all gained their 6th Kyu or Green Belts and Oliver Carr and Sid Rainbow gained their 7th Kyu or Orange Belts.  Two Junior pupils from outside of Mounts Bay also graded for their Green stripe belt, these were John and Joe Warne.  All pupils passed with flying colours and have shown a great deal of commitment over the last few months training twice a week.  All pupils performed well at their basics and kata but then showed their knowledge of self defence applications.


Mounts Bay now has three Brown Belts with Caitlin Barton – Sargeant, Pema Bradley – Peer and Megan Bramley, passing two weeks of tough grading.  All the senior grades are a credit to the club helping with the training of other students and have shown real commitment over the last few years. Performing nine kata and demonstrating knowledge of self defence applications of the advanced kata was all taken in their stride.


Senior students will now be embarking on the use of traditional Okinawan weapons as part of their advanced training in self defence.


Sensei Jamie Pilcher from Gulval Club came to assist with the grading and commented on how he had seen the students develop over the years and complimented them on the standard that they have achieved,


Well done to everyone on their grading and commitment to training.


Any pupils interested in starting Karate please speak to Mr Blackabey.