They’re Set

Our new Year 7 students have just finished a second successful week at Mounts Bay Academy enjoying our Get Set programme.

Such a time is often daunting for young people and the programme aims to address concerns, fear and pre-conceptions of ‘big’ school and ultimately provide an environment to aid settlement into a new school. 
It is great opportunity  for the pupils to understand the lesson timings and be introduced to the Academy ethos and values.
The ‘Get Set’ programme:
– Eases transition from primary to secondary
– Allows students to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings
– Helps pupils meet and make new friends before the new academic year begins
– Provides a taster of activities and learning to gain new skills and knowledge
By engaging young pupils in a variety of activities and games throughout the week, we are able to make the transition as smooth as possible.
It was hugely successful week with 100 different pupils attending ‘GET SET’ during the week, giving them a platform to kick start their secondary education.
Click on an image below to see some pictures.