Student Film

Click here to see Thunderbird Lights

Year 11 student, Hannes Black, has been making films at MBA and at home throughout his time at the Academy. He is an incredibly talented film-maker and we have had the privilege of watching his talent develop during his time here. Over the last few months Hannes has obviously been working hard revising for and sitting his GCSE exams. However even this has not stopped him producing a magnificent film. It was a surprise and a delight when he delivered his latest film. Hannes is going onto  Penwith College in September where I am sure his talent will continue to develop – he is definitely a name to watch out for in the future.

“The project properly started two months ago, yet I had begun collecting film for it two months before that. It was by far the most difficult film I’ve ever attempted and filming locations spanned from Penzance to St Just. Using the 1957 Ford Thunderbird, car model, as the central symbol to the film: I built the story around the idea of a man reflecting on his past in his car. Inspired mainly by the film ‘American Beauty’ by Sam Mendes, I hoped to create something which would deliver a more effective message than previous projects. Additionally, It would never have happened without the support of Xan Seymour, who, despite being ill at the time, managed to produce many recordings of the narrative. To Xan and to the Media Department at MBA for the support, I dedicate this to you.” – Hannes Black