Sports Day News


Orange House receive the cup.

winning phot

15.13: Orange House win by only 1 point!


1. Orange

2. Yellow

3. Purple

4. Blue

5. Green

6. Red

15.06: Year 7 Orange House win, Year 8 Purple House, Year 9 Blue House, Year 10 Purple House

14.57: Excitement is building leading up to the announcement of the final results

14.49: Year 8 boys’ Football Purple first, Yellow second.

14.39: Before we get to the end of the session, we have had the Year totals.

Year 7: 1st Orange, 2nd Yellow, 3rd Green, 4th Blue and Purple, and Last Red.
Year 8: 1st Purple, 2nd Yellow, 3rd Red, 4th Orange, 5th Blue and 6th Green.
Year 9: 1st Yellow, 2nd Blue, 3rd Green, 4th Red and Orange, Last Purple.
Year 10: 1st Purple, 2nd Orange, 3rd Blue, 4th Green, 5th Yellow, 6th Red.

In the Year 10 boys’ High Jump, we have had some successes, Morgan Holman(Blue) winning the event by matching his personal best of 1.60m, and in close second, Perran Thompson who also had 1.60m and beat his own personal best of 1.57m.

14.28: Orange House win the Year 7 Handball beating blue House.

13.30: Here are the results after the third session:

Yellow 394, Purple 334, Orange 321, Blue 300, Red 264, Green 263.

13.26: Students are enjoying a well earned lunch break  before the fourth session starts at 13.45.

13.21: Here are some great photos of the Year 10 Athletics events


Year 10 Relay results are in:

Girls – Green

Boys – Purple

12.41: Year 10 Athletics winners:

100m girls- Orange
boys- Purple

200m girls- Green
Boys- Blue

300m girls- Green

400m boys- Purple

800m girls- Red
boys- Purple

1500m girls – Green

1500m boys – Purple

12.27: Year 8 Tag Rugby – Purple won against Blue in the final.

12.11: Year 9 Green and Purple house footballers are being enthusiastically supported by all the other competitors. It’s a great game.

y9 footie





























11.29: After the end of the second session here are the scores:


11.18: Well done 8 Yellow  who have just won the cricket.

News from Year 8 girls’ High Jump, Purple first, Orange second, Yellow third, Red Fourth, Green Fifth, Blue Sixth. Well done to Phoebe Lagor, with an amazing jump of 1.25 metres.

10.44: More pictures of the mornings action.

10.24: Overall house scores after the first session are as follows:
1st, Blue with 92 points; 2nd, Green with 86 points; 3rd, Purple with 77 points; 4th, Orange with 75 points; 5th, Yellow with 68 and 6th, Red with 58 points.

10.10: Students are now having a bit of a breather as they move onto their next activities.
Year 7: Athletics Track
Year 8: Dome, Tennis courts, climbing wall and gym.
Year 9: Bottom Field (tag rugby, handball and tug of war)
Year 10: 3G pitch

Despite being injured, Jasmine Wilson carried on playing rugby for Yellow house, refusing First Aid.
Over all in Year 10, Yellow won handball, Purple won tug of war, and Purple also won tag rugby. Well done Purple!

10.06: Pictures of the latest action


Year 10
10Yellow 2nd in Tag Rugby. Izzy Dalgleish said, “Sports Day brings us all together as a team!”
Year 7
“Ben Durrant amongst the star players for rounders, the umpires are good leaders.” -Mrs Trevail
When asked how she was feeling about the rounders so far, Mia Doherty said “Good, really good, we’ve won two games so far, and are aiming to win them all.”


climbing wall Y9

09:34: Year 9 are enjoying the beginning of their third sports day. Some of them are having a great time on the climbing wall.


sports day overcast

09.00: Join us here where we will be updating you on all the action and results from the MBA sports day 2014.  Mr N Eddy says, “It promises to be an exciting and exhilarating day.”

It’s a little overcast at the moment but we’re hopeful that the sun will win through.