Sports Day 2018

Click on the picture to see a video of the day by Mr Jones and Mr Lees.


Well, what an amazing day! The final scores are in and here are the results





A few pictures from session 4:

Well, it’s all to play for this afternoon looking at the scores after session three. It’ll probably all come down to teamwork, will and determination in the end.

It was an exciting session three. Lots of top action! Amazing effort and determination being shown across the Years.

Well the scores from Session two are in!


Second session was amazing! Lots a really close sporting battles going on. Keep it up guys, but remember to top up your suntan lotion and keep hydrated.

Here are the scores after the first session:

It really is the perfect day for our Sports Day. The sun is shining and the Academy sports fields,  are buzzing with action and activity. Competition is fierce this year!