Sports Awards Evening

Last night MBA held their annual Sports Awards Evening, and what a special evening it was.


Dance Award: Lilia Rowe and Leilani Preston

Adventurous Activities Award: Iris Rainbow

Community Coach: Chris Brown (Team GB manager and Coach from Global Boarders)

Volunteer of the Year: Shirley Pitts

MBA Sports Club Link: Penzance Netball Club

Boys Captain: Sam Oliver

Girls Captain: Megan Byrne

Unsung Hero Award: Dylan Jones

Sports Leader: Tom Hands

Individual Year 7: Oscar Halls and Tia Smart

Individual Year 8: Jacob Pengelly and Ellie Dash

Individual Year 9: Woody New and Robyn Coatsworth

Individual Year 10: Caner Bindiran and Esme Adams

Individual Year 11: Theo Simpson and Maia Fashokun

Team of the Year: MBA Surf Team

Special Achievement Awards: Jacob Pengelly (Hypothermia Award), Robyn Chatsworth (GWR train journey fiasco) and Cal Buckley (the most patient Patient Award).

Ambassador Award: Megan Pengelly

Sportsperson of the Year: Grace Brock

Here are some pictures of some of the winners: