Ski Trip 2018

Report by Ms Webb


The annual MBA Snow Sports trip took place from the 4th – 11th February and following a long journey, we arrived safely in Aosta and straight to ski fit and were soon ready for the following days adventures.


There was a buzz on each floor in the morning especially, as we woke to fresh snow as we drew back the curtains.


Having finished day 1 on the mountain there were lots of smiling faces back at the hotel, ski legs were returning and the instructors and staff were delighted with the immediate progress being made.


The snow had continued falling on and off throughout the day and the students coped really well with all conditions thrown at them.  The resort was fully open and all runs were in perfect condition, with possibly the best snow we have had on a winter sports trip in 10 years.


Day 3 brought another great day and lot more learning and exploring from the students. There was a bit more fresh snow and conditions were better with the sun forecast for the next few days which was brilliant as the groups venture further up the mountain.


Every evening we had different events, Monday was ice skating, a quick change at the hotel on Tuesday had us returning to Aosta for our usual pizza night where no one was left feeling hungry.  The annual bowling challenge took place on Wednesday where Ms. Webb took the champions crown and ice cream, crêpes and shopping on the menu for Thursday.


Each day we have some funny awards for notable events that have happened during the previous 24 hours ‘Hair of the Day’, for a silly event, the ‘Elvis Award’ for cool moves through the day, and the Wise Owl award for all things sensible and helpful.


We had the ski school slalom course booked for Friday afternoon so the students could all have a go at putting their skills into practice in a race situation.  This is now a requirement for GCSE PE, but all students had the chance to ski/board the course. The slalom brought the whole group together on the mountain for the first time. The encouragement and camaraderie was brilliant.


The evening brought the presentation where the instructors came to join us at the hotel for a while and all students received their certificates and badges.  It was a fun evening with lots of laughter and an opportunity to share moments from the week.


Saturday was a more relaxed affair.  We do not encourage students to push themselves during this day but to enjoy the environment and embed the skills for the final time. We left early evening on Saturday for our journey back to Penzance.  Silence within about 30 minutes! A quiet journey home!


Details of next years trip will be advertised soon, so watch this space!!


Watch Mr Jones video of the trip below.


Click on an image to see a few photos from the trip

Some student comments

“Today we learnt how to snowplough and to turn and there was a lot of falls. Even though none of us were very experienced or had done little skiing, everyone improved a lot and are very confident with skiing already.” (Rosie)


“Tim taught us how to snowplough , turn, and ski down the Baby Pila ski slope. We had a lot of fun even though we fell a few times, and had lots of encouragement. None of us had skied that much before but I think we are learning quickly.” (Dolcie)


“As we were beginners we learnt how to control the skis and we started to snowplough and turn. It was very good and we improved throughout the day.” (Lilyjane).


“Although we hadn’t skied for a while, we all picked it really quickly and by lunchtime, we were skiing down red and blue runs. It was really fun to be skiing again.” (Katie)


“Today we went on the slopes. the snow was really nice and it was good to be back skiing. We made some new Scottish friends and our instructor is very nice. I remember lots from last year so have improved this time.” (Lotte)


“We have had a great day and found our ski legs very quickly.  We can’t wait for tomorrow.”


“Frankie and Pierre have had a great day and don’t want to come home! (Frankie)”


“Today was the first day back on the slopes after the year, we all went up to the Baby Goraz slope and practiced snowboarding with one foot. After lunch, we learned how to turn from our toes to our heels and I fell over quite a lot but I have improved from when I first started.”(Bethany)


“It was great to be back on the mountain today, the snow was amazing and was really powdery. We went to both the natural and the man-made halfpipe which was really good and started to do some tricks. looking forward to the snow park on Wednesday!”


“Today we started off on Baby Pila. We practiced our Snowploughing from yesterday. Once we had all mastered that skill we moved on to adding large turns to decrease our speed. Once we had got the hang of it we moved up further up the mountain to Baby Goraz. Once there we practiced our turning and avoiding skills to then ski back to the bottom off the mountain.” (Beth & Megan)


“We had an amazing day today! For the first time, we all went on the ski lift, it was really fun but some of us struggled to get off. The weather was great which made the conditions easier for us all. We all had an amazing day and can’t wait to go back tomorrow.” (Lois)


“To start off the day we began with a recap of the skills we developed yesterday. We then moved on to a new skill called traversing which is a key skill used throughout skiing. We then move onto turns and going down Baby Pila which incorporated everything we had already learned.” (Mia and Millie)



“We started the day on some tricky red runs and lots of skill exercises. In the afternoon we put all the skills together on lots of runs.” (Jack)


“We started the day on lots of blue runs to learn how to carve the skis and after developing the carving we tried it on some red runs and had an explore of the mountain.  We went into the natural half pipes at the top of the 6 man Nova lift.” (Dylan)


“Today we started with short sharp turns and then following a hot chocolate we went to the snowpark. Where we learnt some new trick from our favorite instructor.”  (Frankie)


“We started off on the blue slopes and went higher up the mountain to try some harder blue and red runs.  We learnt how to do some 180 and 360 turns.”  (Alfie)


“Today was the second day on the mountain, we all met our instructors at 9:30 am and started our lessons. Andrew was teaching us how to carve and use ways different of getting down the mountain. He taught us to get low and keep a steady pace down hard reds and black runs. He was also helping us use our feet in our boots to control how we moved. By the end of the day in our group, we were all going to the top of the mountain doing little tricks going down.” (Harvey)


“Today we moved further up the mountain to a different blue slope. We continued practicing our turns in the snowplough position. Once we had all managed to go down the mountain without any mistakes we went back to the top and tried doing it with only one foot on the ground. We then skied to the cable-car and got off at Baby Gorraz. We then went down a blue slope to go down to Baby Pila.” (Beth & Anya)


“In the morning, our group jumped straight onto the box, a large gondola, taking us up towards the top of the mountain. We skied down a few blue runs and found ourselves with more confidence ending the day with a ski down our first red of the week. Best day so far and only the third in.” (Harry)


“First thing today we took the chair lift and the cable car up to Grimod. We skied down Grimod and then we skied down Blue 15 to lunch. After that, we went back up and skied down it again which brought the day to an end. Everyone has improved their skills, especially Holly. She’s improved loads. Cannot wait for tomorrow.”  (Holly)


“Today we started by going up the lift and it was extremely cold, everyone’s fingers were freezing off! It warmed up throughout the day and we had a lovely day skiing in the sun. we also went down the halfpipe. We had a very good day and were looking forward to tomorrow.” (Zoë)


“Today we went on lots more red runs and went in the park. In the park, we learnt how to jump over steep slopes. We went on lots more ski lifts and found lots more secret slopes. Ella and I are improving loads!”  (Lotte)


“An amazing day and we attempted our first black runs. They were scary at first but Rhys made sure we were relaxed and gave us the confidence to do them.”  (Dylan)


“First, we went carving and then we sprayed Mr. Raggett as we skied passed him.  We went to the snow park in the afternoon and we were taught how to jump properly and do 360 turns.  You can see in my clip.”  (Frankie)


“Well, what I have done today is me, Alfie, Beth and Henry took on the red run learnt some new tricks and then we started to learn new tricks.” (Archie)


“Today we focused on looking at our technique and the position you need to be in when carving. After this we went to the top of the mountain and did a run that went all the way to the bottom of Pila. Can’t wait for another day tomorrow.” (Levi)


“Yesterday we went on the slalom course which we had to go down as fast as we could ,and we went on a lot of red runs which were very bumpy and fast it has been the best day of the week.  Today we spent time skiing some more of the mountain before going back to the hotel to pack.”  (Polly)


“We had lots of fun, we went on our first proper red slopes and mastered our parallel turns on the slopes. Some slopes were very steep, but we all managed to complete the courses with parallel turns.  We also did the slalom course.”   (Dolcie)


“Yesterday we did some filming and skied the slalom.  Some of us were filmed doing this for our GCSE PE exam.  It was good to try this and we all did very well.  It was extremely cold at the slalom but loads of fun.  We have just had our presentation when the instructors came to the hotel and gave us our certificates.

The final day of the course was spent skiing as much as possible. before pizza at the hotel and then on the coach to come home.  I have had a fantastic week.”


“We had lots of fun today! Brian took us on some hard red runs and we went on the halfpipe. In the afternoon we all had a go on the slalom course and everyone did really well and skied fast down it.  Today we skied lots of the mountain.” (Katie)


“Today we went into the snow park again and practiced a few more jumps.  We also skied more reds and explored more of the mountain.  In the afternoon we went to the slalom site and were timed down the run.  We have had a fun time and enjoyed the trip.”  (Lotte and Ella)


“Yesterday we practiced short turns and carving on red runs. Near the end of the day, we did a slalom where everyone did well.  Today we had a chilled out lesson because it was our last day we did some nice red runs and some blues carrying on with our lessons on carving. I am sad to be leaving because it was such a good laugh.”  (Lucy)


“Yesterday we went over lots of the mountain and practiced perfecting our carving, We also went into the snowpark and did some more jumps.  After lunch, there was a slalom course set up and we raced down this.  I won the race beating Mr. Raggett by 2 seconds.  We then spent the day with Connor the legend!  We are going to miss Connor!  (Frankie)


Yesterday and today, we refined our skills so we could go down red runs without gas-peddling or falling over. We also practiced some new tricks like ollies, nollies, 180s, and 360s. This was very helpful for me and the group because it meant we were confident even on the steepest of runs!  (Henry)


“Yesterday we boarded lots of the mountain.  We went to the highest point and came down some red runs.  We went and did the slalom in the afternoon and even though we were on boards we still did very well against the skiers who should be faster.

Today we did loads of runs all over the mountain before finishing.”