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Mounts Bay Academy is a caring school where we are all working towards gaining access to a world of learning opportunities.

As the Principal writes in his introduction; “We are a learning community that aspires to success for all without exception, convinced that everyone has the ability to learn at the highest level, we just need to present them learning experiences that are as engaging as they are adventurous. We believe that all young people are “Grade 9” students; it is our job to nurture the very best in each person by identifying their strengths and talents and removing any barriers to learning.”

We therefore recognise that, whilst all students have individual needs, some students may have additional needs that require support or interventions, in order for them to reach their full potential. In order for the students to thrive, it is important to identify these extra needs early. We will work together with parents, and if needed any outside agencies, to meet an individual’s needs. This enables us to target support and interventions effectively so we can all work together to focus on specific learning targets.

SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – is the broad term used to describe students who might need additional, individualised support.

Mounts Bay is a fully inclusive school and believes that every child has access firstly to high quality class teaching, together with small group work, or individual support, as part of an individualised teaching programme and planned interventions.

On this page we will supply staff, Students, Parents and Carers with information to show how we will support students with SEND.

All documents will be in PDF format. All Macs, iOS devices and most other computers can read PDFs. Users of older PCs might need to go to and download a PDF reader.

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SEND Co-Ordinator: Julie Payne


SEN Information: SEN Information

Provision Map 2021/22: MBA Whole School Provision Map with graduated responses

Interventions at MBA: Interventions at MBA 2021/2022  

Jargon Buster: SEND Jargon Buster

General SEND Information: SEND Matters 

SEND Handbook for Parents: SEND Parental Handbook 

Autism Support: Autism Matters 

Dyslexia Support: Dyslexia Matters 

Dyspraxia Support: Dyspraxia Matters

Reading Support: Reading Matters

iColleges: iCollege Brochure

Support and Interventions: Intervention Matters

SEN Information Report – Local Offer: MBA Local Offer 2021-22

Subject Provision Mapping:

                                                   Science Provision Map

                                                   REAL Wave1-2

                                                  Performing Arts

                                                  PE Provision Map

                                                  Maths Provision Map

                                                 Interventions at MBA

                                                  Humanities Provision Map

                                                 English Provision Map 

                                                 Creative Industries Provision Map

                                                 Creative Arts POVISION MAP