Report By: Eden Backhouse

On Wednesday 3rd of July Eden Backhouse, Imogen Grey Williams and Alice Pritchard travelled up to Restronguet Sailing Club to compete for Mounts Bay Academy in the Cornwall School Games.

Doubled up in the Pico was Imogen and Alice who finished 9th in their class and then single handed in the laser was Eden who finished 4th in her class.

Over 100 competitors from different school’s and in varying boats turned up at 8:30 in the morning for a bright and early race.

Following a briefing the competitors took to the water but the wind picked up to a force 5 just before the first race, with a number of capsizes the race officer pulled up the postponement flag. Some of the sailors called it a day and didn’t return to the water but Mounts Bay were still in the game and didn’t give in.

The 2nd race started just after lunch with the Pico’s and Mirrors. The wind had dropped down to a force 4 and the course was shortened, only 2 laps were required to finish the race.

The next class to start were the Toppers and Optimists, with only one “Oppie”  entered he won his fleet. It was challenging for the Toppers as they was one of the biggest fleets there.

The wind picked up during the race and the last fleet to start were the Lasers and Fevas.  They had a very competitive race with a lot of shouting for rights of way, and close finishing between boats.

The last race was only one lap for everyone and again was close between all the boats.

Over all and individually Mounts Bay Academy did very well.

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