Poetry Response


Police who go through each day

Look after those who pass their way

Seeing something… not a clue

Saying something “I know what to do”

Screaming, shouting people come together

In the end we are altogether

For those with the nerve

For those who also serve

Have no fear

The people are here

After this incident

It is no coincidence, that we are brave

And we have the values that people crave

For we are the country that might

In the end all unite.


By Barney Tarrant – 10 Purple



Terrorised trekkers turned, feared and fallen

Extremists deluded,

Mindless men broken to hatred

Rancid, rebellious men walking the earth,

Redden bloodstains on innocent streets

Optimistic people taken from the world lost to darkness.

Incident of cruelty resurrected from hell

Stolen loves from loving people

Taken but not forgotten,

United through all


By Ollie Billinger – 10 Yellow


Terrorism is like a wild fire spreading lots of fear.

Terrorism is a devils play, which includes slaughter and slay.

We will be united, keeping us strong to stop terrorism in our country.

To stop the innocent people losing their lives

To stop the evil people killing for fun.


By Kieran Morrall – 10 Blue


Life is worth livingĀ 

It is not London, the place, we should pray for,

It is the people who got hurt, the people who had a sad ending, before their life was fully complete.

We judge are lives more than anything else.

We think everything is fine until the time stops still.

Why would he do this?

What did he get out of this?

Five people had a horrible death yesterday and nobody can get it back…


By Tammy BrittonĀ  – 10 Yellow