Oracy Lessons A Hit

This year, Mounts Bay Academy has added Oracy to the Year 7 curriculum.

Throughout the programme, students have been working on the fluency of their speech, their pronunciation, projection, tone and pace. The intention is also to increase confidence both on a personal level as well as in presentation. This is evident in all students who initially where reluctant to give presentations in front of their peers, but are all now happy to speak individually for up to two minutes.

They have taken part in debates, discussed and presented poetry, given quick fire presentations, refined and rehearsed more in-depth presentations.

Along side this they complete tongue twisters every lesson to improve their elocution.

All students have progressed from bronze to either silver or silver with elements of gold in all areas that we assess. It has been amazing to watch these wallflowers flourish into confident performers.

“It’s good because it helps you with reading, speech, language, how you listen to people speak and other stuff.” – Gordon Lou

“Pretty good – it’s helping me to speak and boosted my confidence.” – Declan Ford

“Quite fun actually –makes people more confident about giving speeches.” – Kayden Salmon

“Amazing – good fun – you are learning life skills – one of my favourite lessons.” –

Abby Jose

“Oracy helps us to be more confident to speak in front of a lot of people, to one properly.” – Angela Nuttall

Report by Miss Dowrick